Saturday, September 04, 2004

Holy Antlers

The archives are starting to run a little dry, with several classics such as the revenge of W.A.R.Force seemingly lost forever, with only about three people having ever seen it. I'll be hunting night and day to dig up these lost treasures, but in the meantime here's something that didn't even make the cut for that tiny audience! For some bizarre reason this incredible plot remains UNFINISHED - but WHY? Maybe because even my alliteration-adoring amygdala could not imagine a titanic title terrific enough for this happening hyper-epic or maybe because THAT'S NOT A GNU. It seems to be some kind of hideously deformed moose.

Anyway, I'll be testing the loyalty of my readers by inviting you all to suggest a title for this masterpiece!

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Blogger David said...

No Gnus Is Bad Gnus?

Gnus Don't Kill People, Moose Do?

Gnus Tight?

12:52 PM  

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